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MONUMENTAL, Celebrating 35 Years

Fired Up! Ceramic Artists: Contemporary Works in Clay presents MONUMENTAL, Celebrating 35 Years May 24-26, 2019 The 35th annual show and sale at Metchosin Community Hall,

4401 William Head Road.

Opening Gala May 24, 6–9pm. Continues May 25 & 26, 10am – 5pm.

Features for 2019:

Fired Up! Ceramic Artists: Contemporary Works in Clay
presents ​MONUMENTAL, Celebrating 35 Years ​​May 24-26, 2019
The 35th annual show and sale at Metchosin Community Hall, 4401 William Head Road.
Opening Gala May 24, 6:00–9pm. Continues May 25 & 26, 10am – 5pm.

Opening Night drinks & snacks  for invited sponsors, patrons and collectors.

Exhibition booths: 8 core members of Fired Up!  Samantha Dickie, Sandra Dolph, , Gordon Hutchens, Cathi Jefferson, Meira Mathison, Beth McMillan, Kinichi Shigeno, and Pat Webber.

  • Special guest artists:  are Elaine Brewer-White, Peter Flanagan, Bob Kingsmill, Alwyn O’Brien and Clive Tucker.

Our annual show is a much anticipated tradition eagerly awaited for by Ceramic enthusiasts and collectors. It is held on the last weekend of May, yearly, at Metchosin Hall, on the outskirts of Victoria.

Metchosin Community Hall
4401 William Head Rd
Metchosin, BC V9C 3Y6
Phone: 250-590-5744

Over the past 32 years, there have been a total of 23 members of the Fired Up! group. The current core group consists of people who continue to produce and exhibit exciting and innovative work.

Our Core Members


Pat Webber

Saltspring Island, BC

Pat Webber

Pat Webber’s pottery shouts out her love of animals and narrative. Her beautiful pot forms are classic, functional, but altered to feature her storytelling creatures. The glazes range from intense greens and turquoises to earthy wood fired, ash wrapped russets and terra cottas.

Harvest Helpers
Harvest Helpers

She is currently working on a series called The Hare and The Hound, which explores this unlikely friendship. These days Hare and Hound deliver pots down river and across the ocean in boats. The frogs are the potters, amongst other things.

Second Glance
Second Glance


Adrift Together
Adrift Together
Fired Up 2014
Fired Up 2014

Studio Location

Pat Webber Pottery
425 Stewart Road
Salt Spring Island, BC V8K 2C4
Phone: 250-537-8871


Pat’s Salt Spring studio is open by appointment.

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Mary Fox

Ladysmith, Vancouver Island

“Original Artwork that Will Stand the Test of Time.”

Mary Fox
Mary Fox

Mary Fox’s innovative creations have established her reputation as a dedicated and exacting craftsperson in her field. Fox’s focus is on creating contemporary works based on classic lines and expressing the beauty and strength of pure form. She then creates unique glazes for her decorative works that can imbue the work with the look of unearthed antiquities. Beautiful form, exquisite balance and a sense of contained energy are hallmarks of her work.

She has received critical acclaim for her works that have been exhibited nationally and internationally.

Mary Fox Pottery, Ladysmith BC
Mary Fox Pottery, Ladysmith BC
Bottle Vase by Mary Fox-10 1/2" T 2013
Bottle Vase with Navy Terra Sigilatta and Crawl Glaze

This is one of my favorite pieces. It is decorated with a  crawl glaze applied over a terra sigillata slip. I first started developing my crawl glazes in 1996, and what a learning curve it was! Crawl glazes are loaded up with a lot of extra clay. Clay shrinks as it dries and then shrinks even more when it is fired. This glaze beads up in the firing to reveal the slip underneath. The pieces with more than one colour of crawl glaze have been fired several times and had an additional application of glaze after each firing to create the multiple layers of colour.

Stoneware Jugs

“Pursuit of beauty is a constant in my life. It infuses everything I do. When working on vessels created to adorn our tables I derive pleasure from knowing that, through the subtle intimacy that grows from their daily use, these pieces will become treasures in people’s lives.”

Chalice by Mary Fox:15" W x 10 3/4" T
Chalice by Mary Fox:15″ W x 10 3/4″ T
Chalices are my favourite forms to create. In all of my work with the chalice, I strive for a feeling of upward or opening movement and a sense of the interior space containing the energy of the vessel.  These are challenging to throw, as they are shaped down to a small point that is later trimmed to about the diameter of a quarter. They balance on this point in the kiln and, if they survive their firings, I then glue the narrow end into a rock or black clay base. The rock based chalices are much rarer as it is difficult to find a rock that will flow with the chalice. With these pieces, my goal is to create a sense of the vessel emerging right out of the earth. Anchored in sandstone bases from the area where I live, and decorated with glazes created by mixing the earth’s minerals, these sculptural vessels are both born from and evocative of nature.
Chalice by Mary Fox: 10 1/4" T x 9" W
Chalice by Mary Fox: 10 1/4″ T x 9″ W

Mary Fox Pottery, Gallery

Mary Fox Pottery, Gallery

Fox’s Gallery and studio are open year round to the public. She is prolific and exhibits regularly so there is always a large selection of both the functional and the decorative works to choose from. She walks her dog in the mornings, so mornings are by chance.

Studio Location

321 Third Avenue
Box 35
Ladysmith, BC V9G 1A1
Facebook:  interview with potter Mary Fox

The Obsessive Artist

Studio Hours

Tuesday – Saturday, 1 – 5 pm

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