Tribute to Haida Gwaii

Poets, artists and philosophers have written so much about the seas and the vessels and peoples that navigate them.  The artists of Fired Up! will try their hand(s) at creating expressions in clay that evoke their experiences and feelings about this grand theme.


Features for 2018:

Opening Night drinks & snacks  for invited sponsors, patrons and collectors.

Exhibition booths: 9 core members of Fired Up!  Samantha Dickie, Sandra Dolph, Mary Fox, Gordon Hutchens, Cathi Jefferson, Meira Mathison, Beth McMillan, Kinichi Shigeno, and Pat Webber.

  • Special guest booths: Susan LePoidevin; Louise Card, Craig Rogers, Fredi Rahn and  Vin Arora.

Our annual show is a much anticipated tradition eagerly awaited for by Ceramic enthusiasts and collectors. It is held on the last weekend of May, yearly, at Metchosin Hall, on the outskirts of Victoria.

Opening Gala: Friday May 25, 6-9pm

Saturday/Sunday, May 26-27 10-5pm

Metchosin Community Hall
4401 William Head Rd
Metchosin, BC V9C 3Y6
Phone: 250-590-5744

Over the past 32 years, there have been a total of 23 members of the Fired Up! group. The current core group consists of people who continue to produce and exhibit exciting and innovative work.

Our Core Members



Craig Rogers-Guest Artist 2018

Craig enjoys making pots for use with food.  He was an early Fired Up! participant, and continued to make pots intermittently while working in fine dining, and teaching culinary arts at Vancouver Island University.  Since retiring from cooking, he has returned to working in clay.

Over the past few years,  Craig and his wife Louise Card have built a home and studio in Fanny Bay.

They are both very pleased to be part of Fired Up! 2018.

Susan Delatour- Guest Artist 2018

Susan LePoidevin

Susan is known for her unique primitive fired sculptures  Recently she has been working on a series in clay entitled, “Crossing Bridges”.

Using the arch form as a constant in each of my pieces of art in this series creates a challenge as well as providing a focal point to enhance an idea or imagery.



Fredi Rahn- Guest Artist 2018

Fredi Rahn


Fredi Rahn is a ceramic artist and educator in Vancouver, BC, Canada. She makes pots in a small backyard studio in Vancouver. She also participates in community firings at the Shadbolt Center in Burnaby. Her journey in clay began at a young age through community center classes, leading to study at Sheridan College School of Crafts and Design and later the Nova Scotia College of Art. She has participated in artists’ residencies at Watershed, in Maine, the Archie Bray Foundation in Montana, Talavera Uriarte in Puebla, Mexico, and The Banff Center in Alberta. She has participated in exhibits across Canada and the US

Fredi Rahn porcelain pasta plates


Vin Arora

Vin Arora

Vin Arora
Vin Arora

A closer look at Vin’s artwork will reveal that it contains the spirit of an urban environ yet is fused with a profound respect for nature and the logic and mystery in materials. Any single work could reflect various energies like that of a folk festival, a hip-hop show, drag pageant, cartoon realities, dreamscapes, a political rally, or a silent retreat. His work derives colour, shape and texture from walks in the downtown east side as much as it does from contemplative hikes into the forest with his dog.

Vin Arora is a Vancouver based artist working and teaching in ceramics, exploring material as means of social cohesion and community building as well as a means of inward reflection. Vin attended the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design (Now ECU) starting in ’96 and has worked in clay in Vancouver ever since. Vin has worked with many great teachers, artists and potters in Vancouver and also takes influence from travels in India and Britain.

Techtonic Plate Series-Stoneware-2″x 11″x9″-2017


Vin Arora  vinarora6@gmail.com





Louise Card-Guest Artist 2018

Louise has sold her work locally and nationally and has pieces in many collections.  Her work has been in numerous major exhibitions including  Matter of Cay, the Trois Rivieres and Korean Biennales, and Fired Up!.

Over the past few years, Louise and her husband Craig Rogers have built a home and studio in Fanny Bay.

They are both very pleased to be part of Fired Up! 2018.

British Columbia Ceramics