Fired Up! 2024

Fired Up! 2024,  “Honouring 40 Years” 

May 25th and 26th, 2024 from 10 am – 5 pm.

2024 is a very important year for the Fired Up! show; as the longest running ceramic exhibition group in Canada, this spring they celebrate their 40th anniversary. In recognition of this impressive milestone, this year’s theme is “Honouring 40 Years” and will feature contemporary work from the current artists, as well as showcasing that off former group members.


Exhibition booths: 10 core members of Fired Up! plus showcasing that off former group members.

Vin Arora, Alan Burgess, Samantha Dickie, Sandra Dolph,  Peter Flanagan, Sandy Harquail, Gordon Hutchens, Cathi Jefferson, Meira Mathison, and Kinichi Shigeno.

For 2024, in honour of the anniversary, the group is adding a month-long show in the Cowichan Valley from April 5-May 2, as well as the usual weekend show in Metchosin, May 25-26.

Our annual show is a much-anticipated tradition eagerly awaited for by Ceramic enthusiasts and collectors. It is held on the last weekend of May, yearly, at Metchosin Hall, on the outskirts of Victoria.

Metchosin Community Hall
4401 William Head Rd
Metchosin, BC V9C 3Y6
Phone: 250-590-5744

Our Core Members