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Guest Artists 2023

Ayal Heinrichs

Ayal grew up on the west coast of BC, and her pottery is influenced by her love for the outdoors and a desire to make beautiful objects for daily routines. In 2020 she moved to Nelson where she completed a Certificate in Ceramics and apprenticed with local artists. She is currently pursuing a BFA at the University of Regina.

           Ellen Statz

Ellen was born and raised in the small coastal community of Campbell River. As the daughter of a commercial fisherman, she has a long and direct connection with the sea and with nature.

Sarah Leckie

Sarah is a ceramic artist living on Vancouver Island. She loves clay and designing pieces that tell stories. Each of her cups is thrown from porcelain on the wheel, and hand-painted with black slip. The fine line details of the characters and creatures are made by carving through the black to the porcelain underneath. While Sarah repeats many of her characters, each piece is individually painted and is unique. She is curious to know what is even going on for each of these characters that come from her brush