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Charmian Nimmo

Charmian Nimmo

A self taught potter, inspired by a deep love of animals and nature, I’ve been making functional work for many years and have recently ventured into sculpture. I work as part of the Kingsmill Pottery on Granville Island and maintain my own home studio in Vancouver as well.

Elaine Brewer White

Elaine Brewer-White has been a clay sculptor for over 35 years.  After graduating from Emily Carr College of Art and Design, she began a career in figurative sculpture, creating work for public and commercial galleries which has found its way into corporate and private collections worldwide.

 Her figurative works incorporates social comment and humor and which has extended into private commissioned portrait sculpture.  Reoccurring themes of love, solitude and joyful abandon are expressed through movement and color.  A recent public commission features two outdoor portrait murals on a new building in the heart of Elaine’s hometown of Fort Langley.

In the last 6 years Elaine has added a pottery practise to her work, bringing her unique sensibility to one of a kind vases, bowls, mugs and platters.  Each piece continues the feeling of play through her love of color and texture.

Elaine passion for the medium has lead her to teach workshops across B.C. and Alberta, and she’s recently added occasional workshops to her studio schedule in Fort Langley.

 Above all else, she believes in promoting the soul affirming benefits of living a creative life.

Peter Flanagan

Inspiration is drawn from historical ceramics on visits to Taiwan, China and recently Jingdezhen. The vast ceramic vocabulary in form, ingenuity and design is awe striking. My work in clay began at KSA and continued at UVIC and the Banff Centre. Nonstop discovery and with a goal to achieve an excellence in expression is my constant pursuit. Exhibited throughout Canada and in USA, Japan, Indonesia and New Zealand.